Pasta, rice and flours


Fresh pasta or dry pasta? And in what shape? Our fresh pasta and dry egg pasta comes from Piedmont in northern Italy. The pasta is traditionally made by hand, giving it excellent cooking capability, composition and flavour.

The dry pasta comes from the town of Gragnano near Naples, where the pasta manufacturing tradition is over 500 years old. Gragnano pasta is known worldwide and has a protected geographical indication (IGP). The assortment also includes an organic alternative.

Our dry pasta assortment also includes naturally gluten-free rice and maize pasta varieties.


Rice is cultivated in particular in the Piedmont, Lombardy and Veneto regions, and is therefore considered a basic food, particularly in northern Italy.

In addition to the traditional risotto varieties (Carnaroli, Arborio and Vialone Nano), our range includes black and red whole grain rice, especially suitable for side dishes and salads.

Rice is naturally gluten-free.


We offer a selection of flours for making fresh pasta, pizza, bread and sweet pastries.

The flour is delivered to us directly from a mill located in the Piedmont region, where a large part is still ground in traditional stone mills. The flour is organically produced and the mills are powered by solar energy!

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